India Diversity Job Fair

The emphasis and value that are placed on diversity and inclusion in today's corporate world didn't come quickly and certainly didn't come easily, and it is crucial to ensure that these values are practised and upheld in the workplace.

Discrimination may just be a polite word for abuse, denying equal opportunity by anyone based on age, gender, disability, race, sexual orientation, etc. Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth. As we at India Diversity Forum along with our member organizations strive to workplaces free of any discrimination, we also believe it is important to create opportunities for historically suppressed classes

A promising diverse candidate must be hired on their proficiency without any discrimination. Every candidate has the right to a general principle of fairness and a level playing field when it comes to hiring and later on the job as well. Candidates expect organizations to value the diversity of their background, disability, sexual preference, age, gender identity, etc. To provide this equal opportunity for historically suppressed classes, IDF is proud to present the 2nd Edition of India Diversity Job Fair 2022

This annual mega job fair is becoming an integral part of the recruitment process, as organizations are making efforts to fully integrate diversity goals and practices throughout their organization. For all future-facing organizations, the 2nd Edition of India Diversity Job Fair 2022 will provide an opportunity to build a reputation, showcase their brand, promote their services, find a diverse pool of diverse multicultural professionals, and screen candidates best on true merit. Streamline your hiring and diversify your workforce.

This is the exclusive opportunity to put your D&I intents into action. Do not miss India Diversity Job Fair 2022 - Equal Opportunities and Endless Possibilities